Monza Rally Show. At the start of the 17th edition. Balance & Performance

Monza, November 6, 2019. Rally or not Rally? Show or kermesse racing to top level? Perhaps not the most appropriate time to ask such questions. Or is not more time. Perhaps it is better to wait for the development of the seventeenth edition of the successful the Monza Rally Show answer only the question. The premises, and a certain desire for the new and final identity is always in the air (invariably wet and cold) of the Circuit.

Monza is ready. The park, the circuit, the famous and iconic Dish, the raised curve that is the stepping stone to other times of thrill and speed. And are ready for more than eighty starters. The formula is tried and tested, but leans forward towards new content, the show, exciting and “comfortable”, is insured.

The approach of the Rally-the Show at the halfway point of the greater age corresponds to a “round” of maturation is highly discussed. There will be Valentino Rossi, that of the Rally was the icon for the parallel but also the main reason, central to the event. In a certain sense, it was also the mortification of the real potential of agonistic, sacrificed several times to the altar of the spectacle and the delirium of the fans. No, there will not be the opponent “historic”, Tony Cairoli, that instead we saw step into the shoes of the “true” to the recent Tuscan Rewind Rally, last discussed and “scandalous” (the old story of the nails finally came out of the top of the vessel and publicly to the sedan of the Italian Championship won by Giandomenico Basso.

In the absence of the super star, the Monza Rally Show , re-writing programs and regulations, introduces the thickness instead of the flash of the spectacular is increasingly an end in itself, and rediscover a vocation too soon forgotten, that of the challenge, the competitive spirit of the pure, the sporting goal over the finish line.

The taste of the Rally, in short, even in a form decidedly unusual and original, it spreads like a mantle of warmth on an event on the all of them are loyal, and releases proposals.

It’s a bit the challenge of the good italians to the big world of specialty, it is above all the exaltation of homogeneity and balance offered on a horizon, vast from the Machines R5. Hyundai has gone into the field with a part of his star player, Breen, Sordo, Mikkelsen, italians respond with Rossetti, Longhi, Crugnola, Nucita, from the World Rallycross arrives Niclas Gronholm. Mean thickness and balance. The same spectacle of the Rally!

Digress. R5 and World WRC. In these days he speaks with force. The Formula R5 is a sort of guarantee on the future at the gates of a discriminating not just. You will arrive at the hybrid, you will get to it in time, the season 2022, with a line up credible? Time up to April 2021 to complete the appeal, assess the resources present and start with the actual development of the new reality, too soon taken for granted and perhaps a little boldly fixed in terms of generic. A problem of costs, which are always put ahead of everything as the hands of roadmaps to meet, face-to-face with vital decisions. Today marked electric as the purpose is the rule. Get in line in the climate of the conversion epoch-making is another pair of sleeves. Therefore, if the appeal, will respond to a significant number of good intentions, techniques, and participation in, fine, if not, in fact, there will still be a year and a half to change the state of things. Not there should be a sufficient answer, the idea of the Plan B rests on the exploitation of R5 promoted to the premier class. The sense was always there. The R5 are universal machines, from officers and gentlemen… pardon, privatoni. Especially, cost a fraction of the WRC Plus. Do not go to plan and adhere to it more soberly in the design of the homologous commercial.

What have they got to the turbulence of the WRC with the Event Monza Rally Show? Little or nothing, at Monza you will continue to breathe in the scent of gasoline and cringe at the echo of the sound from the Dish. However, the Monza Rally Show has reached its 17th edition on the potential of agonistic, show business and “humanization” of R5.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. You’re part of a trumpet. Shakedown, Grid Exhibition, eight special tests, 158 km timed.