Mercedes-Bosch, test for driving self-employed in California

The test for the autonomous guide promoted by Mercedes and Bosch: the experimental project will involve the S-Class , suitably modified and will take place in San José, California. Mercedes and Bosch will offer a service of robo-taxi-employed: initially, only a limited number of users can book a ride from a collection point of default, to your destination using the dedicated application.

The experimentation provides the presence on board of a tester, ready to intervene if the technologies corresponding to level 4 of the autonomy of the guide, at the moment in phase of development, should be in difficulties. The service of robo-taxis will cover the West part of the city of San José, going up to the center. This project will serve to Mercedes and Bosch to refine their solutions to the autonomy of the guide, increasing the safety and reliability.

The collaboration between Mercedes and Bosch for the joint development of technologies for the autonomous guide is outstanding for more than two years. The robo-taxi the result of this understanding there is in Sunnyvale, in the area of Silicon Valley, and in Immendingen, Germany, where there is a’the proof area of 100,000 square meters specially created for the development of this technology. The purpose of these experiments is not the creation of a prototype-specific, but solutions that can be applied to different models.