Elon Musk, the vintage photo from true car enthusiast

We are used to seeing Elon Musk as the eccentric tycoon, the Tesla, but the tycoon is a south african a few years ago, it was simply a young car enthusiast. Shows photos posted by the mother of Musk, Maye, on Twitter. The image, dating back to 1995, shows a twenty-four year old Elon to grips with the repair of the window of his BMW 320i 1978, the car that he had purchased two years before for a mere 1,400 dollars.

To explain what had happened to the window was the same Musk: thieves had smashed to steal the car stereo. After due repairs, Musk bought a car used from a junkyard. Musk, at the time short of money, was a regular of this channel of selling: bought used parts to fix his 320i, not in a good state. The familiarity in the repair of Musk made him comfortable when he had to replace the transmission four-speed of the car: I installed a version of the five relationships, recovered from a newer model ready for the scrap heap.

In the course of the years, the taste in cars of Musk became inevitably more sophisticated: at the time of PayPal, a company founded by Musk in 1999, the south african entrepreneur, bought a McLaren F1. In an attempt to show the power of the car to the co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, Musk pushed to the limit and ended up doing an accident. There was a problem, however: the F1 was not insured.

Surely the image of Musk’s intent to repair a car window makes you smile, if you think about what recently happened on the occasion of the presentation of the pick-up of Tesla, Cybertruck. The demonstration of the shatter-resistance of windows of the model, struck by balls of metal, it did not go according to plan, and the glasses have been damaged. Musk now has no need to take care in first person of a repair of this kind, but, view the pictures of mommy Maye, I would be able.

@elonmusk #1995 And people said you knew nothing about cars😏🀣 #FoundThisPhoto 😍 pic.twitter.com/CpfKvjXdQh

β€” Maye Musk (@mayemusk) December 10, 2019