Raceroom: the online update of December with the DLC Porsche

After a series of teaser has finally arrived the new update for Raceroom, the simulator Sector3 Studios. The devs had already announced the arrival of the Porsche DLC with the December update, but, surprisingly, among the notes of the changelog, check also the temporal progression daytime.

Here in detail what you expect and the price of new cars.

Porsche DLC and BMW M4 GT4

With regard to the car park we remind the arrival of the Porsche DLC, which, as we previously deduced, includes the following 3 cars in Stuttgart:

  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport;
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019);
  • Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport.

At the moment there is a package that allows for the purchase of the 3 cars in one solution, but you can buy them individually at the price of 3,98 euro each. The Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport to a new category, that is, the GT2 Supersportscar while the new 911 GT3 R will replace the previous model in the store; those who already have the model 2018 will still be able to use it and will not be removed from your garage.

The Cayman GT4 instead of going to battle directly with the new BMW M4 GT4 in the category GTR4, which of the two the German will perform better on the track? At the moment, the BMW M4 GT4 is available in the store at the price of 3,98 euro.

The cycle of the day, damage model and..

Among other interesting news of this update of Raceroom we emphasize the addition of a new path, the Ningbo International Speedpark with 5 different layout and a new layout of the Nürburgring Grand Prix called “fast cars”, free for those who already have the circuit.

A real gem by Sector3 Studios remains, however, the introduction of the cycle of the day, or of the movement of the Sun from the morning to the evening, before absent. At the moment the devs have indicated that it is also possible to use a multiplier of time to decide whether to run with the Sun in a single static position, or to speed its cycle up to a maximum of x25.

Another interesting innovation is represented by the damage model. No more than two different settings selectable (mechanical damage and visual), but a single that includes both, you need to add the new deformations of the body, loss of parts, chipping of the windshield, and so on. Excellent also the choice to implement the holes as a result of contacts, out of the track and excessive wear of the rubber.

Ecco la nuova interfaccia grafica dedicata ai setup su Raceroom

Here is the new graphical interface dedicated to the setup on Raceroom

The new interface and..

As for the interface of the setup has been added a new screen, more modern, understandable, and anticipating the reboot complete of the UI planned for 2020.

At the moment you will find on the left some of the telemetry data relating to your session on the track, at the centre of all possible changes to the structure of the car, and, finally, to the right of the settings of the steering wheel and text captions which describe what you’re changing.

Finally, we point out that the Force Feedback now plays on your steering wheel, the deformation of the tire, easily spottabile when you go away from a curve at high speed and that will result in a very simple way, in the centering independent of your steering.

For the complete changelog, please refer instead to this link.