GT Sport: 7 new cars in the December update

Punctual as always, Kazunori Yamauchi , has issued the classic teaser image of the new 7 ” car of the December update of the GT Sports for the PlayStation 4.

Exactly like last year, the last update of the year is the most substantial in terms of content; we are also confident to be able to finally try out the track at Laguna Seca even if, Yamauchi, has not spread any information in this regard. It will be a Christmas surprise for fans of Gran Turismo?

Seven new cars

From the image spread by the designer and creator of the saga, we can recognize the following cars:

  • Ford GT 2017, exclusive, never seen in a GT before
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI ’76
  • Toyota Crown 2018 (the special version of a safety car or police forces)
  • Renault Megane (special version the safety car or police forces)
  • Dodge Charger Pursuit 2011;
  • Porsche 993 GT2 ’95
  • Toyota Crown 2018

We do not know if actually the three special versions representing variants of the car safety car, or versions, of the forces of law and order, however, the flashing at the roof and the coarse grid of the Charger Pursuit, which leave little room for doubt. We will discover only in the trailer for the December update if we get it right.

来週、クリスマス・アップデート来ます。Christmas Update coming next week. #GTSport

— 山内 一典 (@Kaz_Yamauchi) December 14, 2019

Laguna Seca

The american track was not added in the previous update, as we correctly called for, however, we are confident that Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital are ready to offer us a nice Christmas gift. Tried and tried and at the world finals of the FIA World Tour Gran Turismo, the track is pretty perfect for racing and there were no bugs.

Pending further news, we remind you that, if you have not yet had the opportunity to try the GT Sport, until Christmas you can take advantage of the PlayStation offerings both on console and on games.