The cars and Christmas: stress

TRAVEL AND GIFTS During the weeks leading up to the christmas period, we are witnessing a considerable increase in traffic, with the streets of the city always crowded by cars and vans of the deliveries. During the celebrations of the Natele, then, populate the streets of the vehicles of the families destined to travel for the holidays and visits to friends and relatives. Then, in the month of December, the risk of being stuck in traffic is quite high.

A EUROPEAN RESEARCH – AND the high traffic can be preceded by the preparation and loading of luggage, is normally the source of stress. The evidence that emerges from the results of research commissioned by Nissan, which in Italy involved a sample of 1,000 motorists. The same survey was also conducted in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, for a total sample of 5,000 motorists interviewed, shedding light on a situation rather homogeneous.

IT WOULD be LESS – From the survey shows that about 62% of the italians along more than 20 km to visit relatives and friends, and over the 34% it moves to meet at least 10 people during the holidays. More than half of respondents (59%) believe that stressful load the car with luggage and gifts, and 48% believe that the cargo space is insufficient. 16% of respondents said they would prefer to renounce to Christmas rather than having to load the car. The 18% before starting experiment in order to charge the car for the better and swap ideas to maximize the space available.