Italian Championship Drifting 2020

In front of a large audience of enthusiasts and professionals, the organizers of the Italian Championship Drifting have presetato the news for the year 2020 of the series, which from next year will be organized in Italy by the D-Race Ltd.

The season 2019 ended with a great success of participation of pilots and the public, and as with the previous editions took place in collaboration with the continental series DriftKings International Series.

The growing interest on the part of ACI Sport and the FIA in the Italian series, he gave the push that was missing to organize the Championship 2020 in complete autonomy.

The organizers of the championship have said, with justifiable pride, that the FIA recognises, via the official championships at the Championnat de France de Drift and, indeed, the Italian Championship Drifting.

Human judgment without telemetry

The Italian Championship Drifting will use the only the human eye for the evaluation of the pilots, both in qualifying as in the final phase of twin drift. To ensure a constancy in the opinion of the judges will always be David Busi, Adrian Figallo, Niccolò Rosso , and Andrew Sapino.

All the judges are faces already known to the Italian fans. David Qu ranked first in the league in 2016, and was part of the jury for the championship in 2019. Niccolò Rosso has raced for several years in the european series King of Europe. Andrew Sapino in addition to past competitions and was a judge in the edition of 2016. The maltese Adrian Figallo, has been a fixed presence among the judges for the last few seasons of the Italian championship.

The calendar 2020

The season 2020 will be articulated on four races that you svolgerrano on fiorano, Modena and Adria in this way :

  • The Autodromo di Modena on 2 and 3 may 2020
  • Adria International Raceway 20 and 21 June 2020
  • Adria International Raceway 12 and 13 September 2020
  • The Autodromo di Modena on 17 and 18 October 2020 – Race to the coefficient is 2

Emanuele Festival, owner of D-Race ltd., has anticipated that there are already negotiations are occurring for the year 2021 to bring the competition at other tracks to national fame.

Categories in the competition

The Italian Championship Drifting will, like previous editions, the competitors in three categories.

Street Open

Approach category to the drifting will admit to the street riders of the first experience, the car does not have the obligation of installing the rollbar and it is allowed the installation of the hand brake, hydraulic. Tyres limited to the maximum of 225. The final ranking is drawn up on the basis of the scores obtained in run single. Subscription of € 200 + VAT for the race


In this intermediate category, both of the pilots who have already gained some experience. The car must comply with the provisions of annex J of the FIA. The maximum size of the tires 245. Fire retardant clothing and collar HANS mandatory for pilots. Registration 380 € + VAT for each race.


The premier class of the championship which will be open to all pilots who have obtained a placement in the TOP 32 of the season previous in PRO 2 or have participated in the entire season 2019 always in PRO 2. Also in this case, the car must comply with the provisions of annex J of the FIA. Tires limited to section 265. Registration 380 € + VAT for each race.

Limit to the section of the tyres

The top drivers now drive cars powered by engines over 800 horsepower, ACI Sport , and the organizers have drawn inspiration from what was done in the USA in the championship FormulaD. The competitors of the various catetorie will be subject to a restriction on the cross-section of the tire in order to bring the performance of the means and to limit how many horses you can download to the ground.

Attention to safety is always at the highest levels with the collar HANS compulsory for the categories PRO and PRO2, and recommended for the competitors of the Street Open.

Live streaming and television coverage

Commitment is also important for the media coverage of the races with a team of 11 people who will provide the live streaming on Facebook for all the races. A week after the race will be broadcast a summary of an hour will be broadcast on major national channels. Secrecy on the name of the television channels in question in view of the closure of the commercial negotiations

Prensentata also the sponsor of the championship : the note influencer Elena Berlato , thanks to his following of followers Instagram will not fail to attract new fans.