Ministry of Transport: funded projects to 5 billion

They have been unlocked by the way free, obtained by the Unified Conference, which met in Rome, many appropriations concerning works on the entire national territory: the greater proportion of the resources allocated, to a value of 2 billion and € 319 million, involves 17 projects of local public transport, presented by the government of Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Turin, La Spezia and Bergamo.

This is new metro lines, tramways, trolley-buses and funds for the purchase of rolling stock, to give an answer to the question of sustainable mobility, reduce environmental impact, accidents and energy consumption.

Another 2.2 billion euros have been allocated to the Regions for the renewal of the bus fleet of the local public transport and the replacement of polluting vehicles.

Still, more than 523 million euros were allocated to the interventions of the safety of local rail lines, through the technological upgrade of the control systems.

Finally, there were allocated 250 million for the new construction and the maintenance of the bridges of the Po basin: in total, there are 76 actions affecting Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Liguria and the Veneto.