Highways: the increases are postponed

A THOUSAND EXTENSIONS – After a meeting of over 5 and a half hours, the Council of Ministers has in these days given the ok to the decree Milleproroghe. Approval came only with the formula “subject agreements” (that is to say that the texts can be reviewed and corrected before submission to Parliament or publication in the Official Journal), because the meeting was enlivened by strong contrasts within the executive for the approval of the various rules. The part that interests us most of the decree is related to the freezing of the increases of the motorway tolls, providing for a slip for their redefinition as at 31 July 2020. In other terms means that it has been averted, at least for now, the increase of the tolls on most of our motorways. An extension that, in fact, prevents to trigger the increases from 1 January, as it usually is. This is because at the net the blizzard policy that has fallen on the renewal of motorway concessions, the government asks that, before being refined with the updates of the business and financial plans of the concessionaires themselves.