Is going to release the new number of alVolante

BIS EVIDENCE IN the PREVIEW… – christmas Holidays reduced to the bone this year, for our test center. But it was worth it, because in the new issue of alVolante we can offer you the test, comprehensive of the surveys of the performance and power consumption, two new fresh fresh. The heirs of models, very much appreciated, are the Opel Corsa, made on the same basis as Peugeot 208 (for almost three years, the German brand is part of PSA group), and the Renault Captur. Speaking of which, we anticipate, as happened a few months ago with the Clio, the small crossover represents a clear step forward in finishes and technology.

…And OF BIS RELATION – A challenge to high level involves two gritty wagon prestige are the Audi A4 Avant, newly updated, and the BMW 320d Touring, all new. We tested them in the versions diesel 190 horsepower and all-wheel drive. But it is not the only comparison of this number of your journal: it has been in the hands of the testers alVolante also four small cars to Lpg (Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i20, Nissan Micra and Suzuki Swift), the cars that “tell” in detail in a supertest of 14 pages. Test also the Hyundai Kona, compact and very personal crossover, here in the hybrid version: the right car for those looking for ease of driving, the lines that stand out, low environmental impact and are… cheap. Then there are the First Contacts, i.e. the testing of the cars which have just been presented, and still not available in dealerships. We are talking about the latest edition of a true icon of the automotive world, the Volkswagen Golf, which has made the “full” of technology, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia, improved in the electronic systems; and then, the crossover battery-Peugeot-2008 and of the small Mitsubishi Space Star, deeply updated.

PLUG-IN AND 4×4, we DRIVE YOU TO PURCHASE – In the number of alVolante will be on sale from 10 January, you can also find two impressive buying guides. The first passes in review, with an analysis “under the microscope”, all of the hybrid “rechargeable” (or plug-in) now on sale, and anticipates the many models that will debut in 2020. These cars are interesting, given the exceptional values of consumption and emissions declared, but all is not gold that glitters, as we explain in the service. Another large service is dedicated to the 4×4. In this period, we realize how it can be useful, especially for those who live in the mountains, or goes often to the snow-covered roads, have an all-wheel drive; our guide is divided into five categories, takes into consideration the characteristics, merits and defects of the 15 between the models of interest.

SECURITY: WHAT IS THE SITUATION? – The topic of safety on the roads, and unfortunately so current given the succession of serious news, deserves ample space in the new issue of alVolante. An’inquiry focuses on the “seven deadly sins” of motorists, from driving with a smartphone in hand, to the excessive speed, the stop wild to the non-use of “arrows”, let’s see how many accidents they arise, and what consequences are likely unruly that are “pinched” by the forces of the order. A second article examines in depth the more recent tests of the Euro NCAP, to see which car can protect more in case of an accident, and which help to avoid situations of danger for some time, the european body is not limited to perform the crash test, but also checks the effectiveness of the increasingly popular devices the electronic driving aid).

TO DREAM with OPEN EYES – the More… carefree are the six pages of the’Dream Car this month. Dear readers, alVolante, treat your eyes with the Aston Martin DBX, the first suv of the English house, which is famous throughout the world for its granturismo as stylish as they are fast: the favourite of the James Bond. Who knows, this new gem doesn’t deserve a starring role in an upcoming film: the qualities of the lines, the surprisingly racy and aggressive, the interior of a richness without equal, to the motor from 551 horses, which, apparently, can push it easily up to 291 km/h.

USED: city car AND SUV UNDER consideration – But back with the feet on the ground. To those looking for a city car used we propose a face-to-face between the Kia Picanto and Skoda Citigo: four pages will help you to know them thoroughly, highlighting also what are the problems that you encounter most often and how much is fair pay for a copy. We address then the same address with one of the suv’s more for you: the BMW X3, spirited, elegant and technological. But what surprises could reserve a copy with a few year on the shoulders? We say we, in the heading of Knowing how to buy used.

THE ZERO KM 1.710 – As usual, you can also find many offers of car zero kilometers (this month 1.710), with discounts ranging from 10 to 51%, and the price list. One of the new cars includes 7716 models, with photos, caratteristihe techniques, equipment and advice on which version should more. Instead, they are 2,000 in the used cars, with prices that have been processed by specialist Eurotax for the years from 2011 to 2019.