Alarm the political in Germany: the electric car the tenth of the jobs in the new decade?

We have already written several times, on our pages, to the effect that the revolution power in the car may give you to the world of work. Also the German one, very strong, thanks to its giants generalist and premium. If someone pushes for the revolution electric, other alarm for the jobs in the automotive industry and throughout the supply chain. The one time solid on the front of the mechanical, extended to the electronics, but not as much as is required by a mobility 100% EV. Especially not easy to convert, or apply brake on volumes, without touching the jobs.

Phrases and figures often used with political style, those of the many German newspapers, but that is true at least in part. No one can give them to some, these numbers, however, have a certain impact, economic and social, due to the technological transition. The latest analysis disclosed by the NPM in use also in many German politicians, to speak of tragic loss: 410.000 jobs by 2030. True? Someone says no, that is false alarmism about the electric cars.

However, there are also geopolitical issues, such as the Brexit, trade difficult with China’s at-risk duties, and a situation more than in the past fickle. The past, good for the germans, lets assume can be a decline, even if undefined. Not even a year ago were to tell instead of a very good employment, and some German politicians, with numbers never seen from the beginning of the Nineties.To “give the numbers” or to make them give, they also think the same of the German companies, who can not deny anything, in fact. Excess of possible production as early as 2020 for some models, will also cause the jump on the emissions from 1/1/20. And in the Audi ahead of 9500 jobs in the last 5 years. Those of Daimler agree with the unions to restructure, over the next three years. BMW does not touch the workers, but aims to reduce costs and some compensation. Front of system integrators, Continental program some of the rationalizations and possible closures.

In short, not only we italians have our “trouble” to cure. The causes of the decline in employment, according to these estimates, are varied and include reduction in the production of engines and transmission system. Obvious, given the lower complexity of electric cars, with fewer parts and less maintenance. The pace is always racing the automation of the processes, that is minor human activity direct.

Data source: Npm, Handelsblatt