Audi RS3 2020: 410 HP A3 for more bad news?

The arrival of the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf and new Seat Leon (waiting at the next Geneva motor show 2020) is doing nothing more than increase the anticipation in respect of his cousin the noble, or the Audi A3 2020. Of course, there is much talk of the new model, which should follow the philosophy of the new Golf course with regard to technological innovations and the choice to focus on a deep cosmetic makeover than a completely new model in the “metal”, all to the advantage of the possibility to focus more on the review of the interior…aspect in which today we play the game bigger in this segment.

Mercedes A-Class teaches and what could also be correct since the MQB platform and the chassis of the A3 already feature elements of modernity, able to face calmly a new generation: what is needed, however, in addition to the interior, is of course an injection of emotion within the range that should be, as usual, entrusted to the five-cylinder in-line turbocharged transverse-mounted, which is descended from the dynasty of the legendary engines from rally installed on the Audi Quattro.

A true legend in the world of motorsport who today finds a place in domesticated and modernized, under the hood of the “compact” of Ingolstadt in combination with the all-wheel drive quattro and change S tronic: the elements that should remain in the range of 2.5 German also in the new generation of RS3 , albeit with some novelties as regards the part of the “integration” with the environment and the possibilities offered by the electrical installations of 48v of a new generation: an electric motor, in fact, it should not only be able to recover braking energy, but should return it in the acceleration phase, ensuring a ten HP more: for the new RS3 in fact, it speaks of the 410 HP power, 500 Nm of maximum torque and a much more sharp and angular than that of the previous model. Essentially an evolution very similar to that of the RS6…