Dakar 2020. D-8 Flash. Without prejudice to the Bike. First victory of the Serradori (Century)

Wadi Al Dawasir, Saudi Arabia-January 13, 2020. The Race goes ahead, according to a rule, borrowed and almost universally accepted, variously interpreted. This does not mean that it is closed the curtain on the tragedy that indelibly marked the 12th of January. The disappearance of Paulo Goncalves remains in the atmosphere of the Dakar. All those who have passed on the site of the accident, or who only have seen pictures, will remember forever. Marc Coma has immediately understood, but he did leave Fernando Alonso to spare him part of the trauma. Others have been not to stop. Team-mates and the brother-in-law Rodriguez, Toby, Svitko, Kevin. They sat there, all fell to, and powerless, the race frozen like blood in the veins.

Not everyone reacts the same way to the drama. It depends on many factors. From the proximity to the affective, from knowledge, by the rapidity, or slowness, with which you can focus on an event that is always away from the reach of most.

There are people who collapses emotionally, immediately, instantly affected as by an execution, the other where the shock of the real comes days, weeks after. The wound is deep and will remain open for a long time, for some will never heal more.

The Dakar goes ahead, but does so with respect. The silence of the bivouac, on the track of the Motion a day still, of mourning and respect. The bivouac is left shaken. It is not only the Motorcyclist Gonçalves, is Paulo, one of the caravan of the family. It is a symbol, it is discovered after the spontaneous solidarity in the pain, because it was not a star but a person who is loved, considered, regarded, in the heart of all as the reference of a way of love and live the Dakar. For this not only the team of bikers, also Mini, Toyota, truck drivers, all have notified their day and not being able to regardless of the drama. Borgward has deleted from the press release every reference to the car, and the race to focus solely on the tribute to the man flown away for ever from the continuity of this earth.

Only the Car

Then, slowly, driven more by the rising of the sun from the desire, the eighth Stage of the Car is set in motion, has honored the commitment and paid tribute to the spirit with a result that is unprecedented, strongly passionate. Still, it seems the emblem of the Dakar, inexplicable and compelling engine of emotions, and exploits.

A Special, atypical, nervous and uncertain, from the first kilometre to the last. 700 kilometers, 470 Special Test. 80% of sand and dunes, the rest of the earth. The end of the stones. Special Long, wizard, “sabbiosamente” challenging.

At first it seems nothing more than a small variation on the main theme, the soundtrack of the Dakar 2020. Sainz, Al Attiyah, Peterhansel. The first bars expose Sainz at the first difficulty in this edition, that much is true that above all, Al Attiyah takes advantage of it to get under, spurred by the impatience of Peterhansel. Monsieur Dakar, in fact, it is one that is enhanced when the situation is suddenly new and hard to and today, for the record, there is a great news. For a time, in front of the wheels of the Machines there are no traces. The track is virgin because it has not passed the Motion, and it is up to the car to leave first. At the end of the breakaway head is compact, and the classification is aligned to respect the starting order in the main price of a significant filing has the advantage of being the leader Sainz. Half Special found strong also Al Rajhi, strong in the awareness of finally being one of the “good”, and the argentinian Terranova.

Serradori and Alonso

By half of the Special, however, begins to become less mysterious the hand of the eighth Stage, the cards will be revealed fully only in the final. On the table… the yellow of the track, in fact, Mathieu Serradori and Fabian Lurquin, became inseparable from the time of their first Dakar in the Motorcycle riding between the first and the second decade of this century, they put down their cards. Taking the maximum profit from the slowdown which forced the tread, Mathieu and Fabian go to the command of the Special, which then will go on to win with a solid, eloquent margin. Favoured by the order of departure and the carat weight of the trailblazers, of course, but this doesn’t diminish the skill of the Crew and to the competitiveness of the medium, the buggy SRT Century Racing. The rest of the “dangerousness” of the binomial it was already realized in Morocco. The victory of Serradori and Lurquin opens another window on the history of the Dakar. I don’t know how many decades, in fact, a “privatone” drive you could put in the row fine officers usually unattainable!

Quite innovative and unusual, however, is the real exploits of Fernando Alonso and Marc Coma, who, in spite of a puncture in the final come out of the closet with the Toyota Gazoo Racing, going on to the second place of the Special and always less distant from Serradori. With just a few elements of disorder “written” on the sand, and with the spring of the determination to improve every day, Fernando and Marc launch in the realization of the utopia of the eve of the bi-Champion of the World of Formula 1: to see if, even with the help of a bouquet of circumstances, it is possible to come up at least once on the podium.

The maximum is centered, this means that snaps to the next level. Not tomorrow, perhaps, the face that I will have to open the track along with Serradori, but maybe the day after tomorrow, admitted that the trio head does not have to give him the booster, to settle the question three, you could bet on the first win!

Serradori, Alonso, Newfoundland, therefore, in order to the finish of the ring, Wadi Al Dawasir, along with a bunch of outsiders, and “the dispossessed”. “Peter & Co.,” starting from ninth place, but also down to the fifteenth. Sainz always at the command of the Rally, now with seven minutes ahead of Al Attiyah and still about double that on Peterhansel.

Time to remember that Lopez is back to get closer strongly to Currie in the head of the Race of the VSS, now the first King Varela, and Karginov, new victory, continues to sound the charge in the battle of the Truck, in spite of the Kamaz number 511 can already count on a half hour advantage on the counterpart of Shibalov.

A thought and a greeting to Paulo

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