Ford Mustang Bullitt Steve McQueen: sold at auction for 3.7 million dollars

We had spoken shortly before Christmas, saying that, with all probability, they would have sold more than a million euros. Let’s talk about the Ford Mustang used by Steve McQueen during the filming of Bullitt in 1968 that it was auctioned for the record sum of well-to 3.7 million dollars.

The auction house David Morton in Kissimmee, Florida is, in fact, managed to sbriciolare the last record of sale for a Mustang that stopped to “only” 2.2 million dollars paid for a Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake 1967.

The car was used by McQueen in the film was purchased for just $ 3,500 by Robert Kiernan six years after the release of the film , and was used until, due to the breakage of the clutch, has been left in a shed for years. The son of Robert Kiernan, Sean, has recovered in 2014 and made the repair, but without changing the aesthetics that remains therefore lived but, what is fundamental in these cases, the original.

This car has become an icon, so much so that in 2018, was on display at the Geneva motor show next to a limited edition designed by Ford and, of course, renamed Bullit.