Lamborghini always growing (record delivery) but will not be in Geneva 2020

Yet another, the ninth in a row, good year and growing for Automobili Lamborghini. Increase of 43% deliveries to customers all over the world, overcoming of 8,200 cars, a new record. The number one of the House, Stefano Domenicali, defines the 2019 as the year that gave the greatest number of successes”. In fact, during the last two years have doubled sales, thanks to a business strategy that is precise and able to make his debut “with a bang” the SuperSUV.

“Last year we sold about 5,000 copies of the Urus – explains Sunday – a figure which alone approaches the total of the sales in 2018”. But it is not talking about the Lamborghini only for the fast wheels on the asphalt, we talk a lot about the brand and its perception. A theme dear to the Sunday, which recalls how “grown even further our already considerable brand awareness, in particular among young people, and the number of followers social has exceeded 40 million”.

MARKETS&MODELS. Geographically, Lamborghini sales balanced: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa): Eur 3,206/+28%, Americas: 2.837/+45% (the first market) and Asia-Pacific: lire 2,162/+66%. Italy, with 370 deliveries, is today to the House of emilia the ninth market, a short distance from Canada and the Middle East, but far away from the USA and China. Contrary to what may believe some critics, it is not only the SuperSUV to grow. After five years of production, is released from the lines the model number of 14.022 of the Lamborghini Huracán. The Gallardo reached the same volumes in 10 years.

2020 hybrid and exclusive (without the Salon)

Thinking of the future short -, Lamborghini confirms to devote himself to the development of variants of hybrid for all into supersports new generation, we will see them soon. Especially, for those who is often a spectator or the protagonist interested in the world Lambo, in addition that the possessor and the owner, in 2020 the Home increases personal strategy to the front of the events. Is to present new models and initiatives in the context of events in exclusive and dedicated, to customers or the media.

The first evidence l’absence from the upcoming Geneva motor show. What’s not to little, which is explained according to a logic: for Lamborghini is more important to be able to offer situations, exclusive, and moments of experience that are tailor-madefor clients and journalists, while it tells the story of the product. Consequently, their efforts are in this direction and not in the areas of mass, just like a Salon car.

FORWARD STILL. Always about the future, the face of market turnover and the growing uncertainties in the geopolitical don’t seem to scare the House. A weight have certain possible rates for the policy choices in Europe and in the rest of the world, but key economic factors remain positive. Thanks to the wide range of products which are very custom, and the renewed and development of the recent concept (Huracan EVO, Aventador SVJ Roadster or Sián FKP 37) Lamborghini provides new levels of growth in the medium term.

HISTORY&RIDES. In addition to the new production models, Lamborghini keeps alive its past, with Lamborghini Polo Historical (department specialises in the restoration and certification, but also events) MUDETEC, Museum Lamborghini and especially that of the competitions. With its Racing Team, winning the last 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring, as well in the International GT Open and the Blancpain GT series.

In 2019 were made more than 350 Huracán race: the Huracán Super Trofeo the Huracán GT3, they share in fact the same production line of the Huracán of the series. In the course of the year will come a new hypercar to 12 cylinders for use in the track, in a limited edition of the V12 naturally aspirated, 6.5-liter, will be able to 830 HP.