Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 action movies?

The winter break is a good time for the drivers of Formula 1 to devote himself to the activities that they prefer out of their profession: there are those, like Valtteri Bottas, does not differ too much from the world of racing, competing in the test on the snows of her native Finland with a rally car; Charles Leclerc, however, do not surrender, to the adrenaline, experiencing the thrill of skydiving, and, according to well-informed, not to notify the Ferrari in advance of its “wrongdoings”. Lewis Hamilton, meanwhile, has focused on a pastime certainly unusual.

The six-times Formula 1 champion has posted a video on Instagram in which you see the intent to shoot in a centre dedicated to Los Angeles used by many movie stars to prepare for roles in action films: among these, reveals Hamilton in his post, even Keanu Reeves, before dressing in the clothes of the protagonist of John Wick, a heinous murderer. That will be the prelude of a new career on the big screen for Hamilton?

After all, the English of the Mercedes is no stranger to the international jet set: in addition to the parades of his line, developed in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, Hamilton loves to participate in social events. His passion outside of racing seems to be the music, but, in view of its technical evidence of action, not exclude the possibility that Hamilton could also think of a career in the world of cinema has finished his adventure in F1. First, however, there is a record to beat, one of the world titles of Michael Schumacher, that already this year could be achieved from the sample of Stevenage.

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Excited to show you something I’ve started working mr I’ve always loved action movies and dreamed of one day being in one. This is where Keanu Reeves trains for his john wick movies I know I came here to start training for my first movie role. This is only day 1, was a super fun few hours in a safe professional environment. Keanu, gimme a call, mans ready👍🏾 big thanks to @tarantactical and your amazing team for the time and patience with me. Had the best day🙏🏾

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