More cars sold, 2019: the Toyota Corolla global leader, japanese on top, and the German chase

The annual ranking, 2019, of the best selling cars in the world. Is still not definitive but, according to various analyses relating to the first 10 months of the year, the builders of the japanese can be considered the leader. Because the top 10 sees a Toyota Corolla be a big success, with over a million copies sold across Europe, USA and China. In the top positions Toyota Rav4 and a pick-up american, of the Ford, along with models of HondaCivic and CR-V.

The first european, of course, German? It is not the Golf but still a Vw Tiguan. The first model of the group’s FCA the other hand, always according to the measurements, the pick-up Ram, in ascent.

Among the common and leading in the Old continent, Golf and Polo remain in the top-10, but by yielding positions. Waiting to know the final figures, 2019, from the same sources, we can observe the ranking the top-10 car sales Italy: as a standard, is the Fiat Panda, the most sold and, in contrast to the global scale, we are French cars abroad more present “in the house”: Dacia Duster, Renault Clio and Citroen C3. In the top10 then the half of the five models, are FCA (charts to follow), but thinking of the union as a new “Group-pe” PSA market the Italian will have a clear master. At least in terms of volumes and popular models. That is a good, or bad, for the end user, and the Italian market itself, we will understand in the near future.

Top10 vendite auto Italia

Top10 car sales Italy

Data source: Focus2Move