More power to the municipal Police forces, in the new agreement between the interior ministry and the Municipalities

According to the statistics and scenarios that are covered by the media, the context of the road conditions that we are experiencing today is to a real social alarm generated by the increase of accidents and of the victims.

The causes are so many and it was also and above all of this heterogeneity to have pushed the Interior ministry to start a process which culminated, in the last few days, in a framework Agreement signed by the owner of the dicastery Luciana Lamorgese , and the president ofAnci (the national Association of Italian municipalities), Antonio Decaro.

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The agreement should regulate the mode of involvement of the municipal Police forces in the performance of services of traffic police on the urban road network. But not only: it will give the prefects a specific directive to strengthen controls and safety on the road.

“The agreement just signed – has declared the minister intends to make a more efficient system of control and supervision in our city, ensuring the most effective coordination between the different actors involved. Its implementation will lead to the Prefects to develop with the mayors, the seat of the provincial Committee for order and public safety, more intense forms of cooperation to match the growing demand for security at the local level”

In fact, the agreement assigns to the municipal Police to play a prominent role in the performance of the services of the traffic police on the urban road network, including the detection of road accidents, and provides for the implementation of specific projects aimed at the improvement of the control services on the road network in areas of greater risk.

A gradual approach

In the immediate future, this involvement will include the local police of the 14 metropolitan cities and the provincial capitals can arrange services of police in the whole of the twenty-four hours.

For the other administrations, the involvement will be made progressively starting from the local authorities with a population superior to 100.000 inhabitants.

It will also set up a technical table with representatives of the Department of public safety and of the Anci that should identify the necessary measures to increase the exchange of information and the interconnection between the operations rooms of the police and the municipal Police.

The redefinition of the roles

The implementation of the Agreement enhances the role and functions of local Police, and will free up resources of the police Forces to be allocated to the control of the territory, with obvious impact in terms of increased presence of personnel, and also strengthening of perception of security by citizens.

Still on the subject of the improvement of road safety, the minister of the Interior has asked the prefects to intensify the controls in the road sections that are most exposed to the accident, with particular reference to those adjacent to places of aggregation, and the areas in which they are located entertainment facilities, and develop synergies, in the first place with the local authorities, for the adoption of measures for the safety of the road environment.

Within the next 20 January, the prefects will have to report to the interior ministry. The results of that action knowledge will be used for a comparison between the different Administrations concerned that the minister Lamorgese want to enable for the preparation of the national strategy is structured on multiple levels of intervention.

Alcohol, drugs, mobile phones to the guide

Both signatories, they also shared the need to involve the associations of the managers of the entertainment venues to strengthen prevention , especially in respect of young people through the implementation of initiatives with a strong impact in raising awareness on what can happen, and putting to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the distribution of disposable breathalyzers and the safety of the parking lots and areas connecting with the locals.

“There is a theme of road safety that requires our attention,” said Decaro. “The risks caused by the consumption of alcohol or drugs was added to the distraction from a mobile phone. And at the expense, inevitably, the most vulnerable road users: pedestrians and cyclists. We are convinced of the usefulness of entrusting to the local police and road safety, as provided in this agreement. But it is essential that the Municipalities that they need more staff to ensure this function, receive guarantees from the State: the success of this protocol will depend on a definitive co-operation agreement between the Municipalities and the ministry both in terms of organic local agents, both with respect to the accessibility of data banks,” concluded the president of Anci.