New Hyundai i10: the production

LOOK DECIDED – waiting to see it in showrooms, where it will arrive in February, began the production of the new Hyundai i10: the cars for the european market are built in the factory in turkey Imzit. The third generation of the city car, on sale from 12.900 euros, preserves the length of 367 cm of the previous i10, but it has a look that is more aggressive, especially thanks to the mask of large size, the headlights more angular, and a pronounced scalfattura in the lower part of the side. The width increased and the height reduced by 2 cm give the Hyundai i10 in the year 2020 a silhouette more slender.

The SUPPLIED RICH – The organization of the first level of the Hyundai i10, theAdvanced, series has the bumpers, the “climate” manual, the backrest of the sofa folded down in two parts and the steel wheels 14”, as well as at rare to find included in the price on a car of this category: there are the auto-braking function of recognition of pedestrians, the speed regulator, the system against unintentional lane change and the monitoring of fatigue in the driver, who invites him to stop if it perceives the signs of drowsiness (such as steering less fluid and abrupt braking).

THE SCREEN 8” – with the same engine, the Hyundai i10 Tech costs 1.500 euro more: integrates bluetooth connectivity, the controls on the steering wheel (covered in leather), rims 15”, fog lamps and side mirrors heated and electrically adjustable. For more 2.250 euro there is the First, which completes the equipment with the rear speakers, the mat to charge wireless the smartphones, rims and 16”, the window regulator rear electric, rear-view camera and parking system, which reproduces the signs on the dashboard. Series well as the touch screen of 8” in the dashboard, and the features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

ALSO IN the GPL – THE engines are the 3-cylinder 1.0 67 HP, and the 4-cylinder 1.2 with 87 HP. The power is petrol, but the 1.0 is also the version of the Gpl. The robotised 5-speed gearbox cost 1,000 euros to the parity of the engine.