Nissan and Renault to the divorce?

END OF AN ERA? – The arrest and detention of Carlos Ghosn have shaken the stability ofthe Alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, that after the latch of his former number one has become less solid and cohesive. The situation could be even more “prickly” after the sensational escape of Ghosn in Lebanon, because the Nissan would have caught this as an excuse to decide to put in place an emergency plan, and to separate from the French house, which is linked to by a share exchange: Renault, in fact, owns 43% of Nissan, and the latter in turn holds 15% of the shares of Renault. Nissan and Renault are allied since 1999.

BEGIN THE DIVISIONS – according to rumors of the newspaper Financial Times, in fact, the Nissan would be thinking of separate areas of engineering and production from those of Renault, after they had been combined from Ghosn; the japanese manufacturer also wants to make changes to its board of directors. The Nissan would be evaluated in 2019, the consequences of a possible breaking of the Covenant, but at the end of these operations was not taken any decision. Now, however, the relationship between the two companies would be to a minimum, so much so that many people inside the Nissan were confided to the Financial Times that the Renault is seen as a brake.

NEW AGREEMENTS? – In the event of a divorce, the two producers could be forced to find new agreements and collaborations in order to compete with giants rivals and support the huge investments to have a range of cars to the height according to the numbers, in 2018, Renault has sold around the world 3.884.295 of vehicles, while Nissan appears to be more “equipped” to proceed alone, having reached the 5.653.683.