Novitec puts his hand to the McLaren 720S Spider: more aggressive and faster than ever

The McLaren 720S, both in the variant of the Coupe that a Convertible, is without a doubt one of the supercar, the most powerful technology on the market. Those who do not want to settle its 721CV can pero to opt for a new kit developed by the well-known preparer of the German Novitec.

Not only aesthetic changes that make it more appealing, as you can appreciate from the photos, thanks to the addition of several carbon fibre inserts, a kit full studied with the CFD, the aesthetic details of the front, the rims and spoiler unpublished; but the true and own optimizations to the technical part of the car.

In fact, thanks to a new exhaust system and an optimization of the ecu, the V8 4.0 L biturbo from 721CV and 770Nm of the series earns a well-108Nm of torque (878nm) that before the limiter now generate almost 800 HP (794 to be exact) of maximum power, improving the skills of acceleration and pickup of the car.

The 0-100km/h is now covered in 2.7 seconds (2.9 s without kit), and themaximum speed is almost 346km/h (340km/h without kit). In short, a great gain in terms of performance but also style, for a car that is as effective as calm and pure in the forms. For the time has not yet defined the price of the interventions but, in addition to the processing electronics of the engine and the exhaust that you can’t imagine the cost, the brand new finishes and carbon fibre inserts designed ad-hoc will not economic.