Opel Insignia GSi, debut at the Salon of Brussels 2020

Together with the restyling of the Opel Insignia, the Beauty of Brussels 2020 making its debut is the new Opel Insignia GSi, traditional sport version of the flagship of the House of Russelsheim.

The new Insignia GSi, which is available both in the sedan and that wagon Sports Tourer, is recognized for the look of the simply sports, with unique touches such as the openings in the front vertical in the shape of a saber-tooth and the dynamic molding of the front bumper. Touch racing inside with the bucket seats and the pedals to the metal.

The setting GSi is available with the new engine turbo petrol 2.0-liter with 230 HP and 350 Nm of torque, coupled to an automatic transmission 9-speed with paddles on the steering wheel. This unit, like all the last home of the Opel is equipped with the ability to turn off the cylinder: if the driver does not need the full power, the command of the camshaft off two cylinders, significantly reducing power consumption.

The driver can choose between four different driving modes: “Standard”, “Tour”, “Sport” and exclusively for the GSi to the setting of “Competition”.

The Opel Insignia GSi 2020 is equipped with suspension and mechatronic FlexRide and awd Twinster torque vectoring. Mode 4×4, two clutches replace the traditional rear differential and transferring the power to each wheel in every driving situation. Also the brakes are provided by Brembo red brake calipers are four-piston, and the steering has been further improved.

In Italy you can order from February, at a list price that has yet to be defined.