The infotainment system of the ID3 laggy? not in the final version

The launch of Golf 8 went all-in-all good, even if there were some issues regarding the infotainment system. In fact, it speaks of blocks, artifacts and slowdowns, involving not only the media but also the instrument panel, attached to a monitor and manager of driver assistance systems. The time required to correct and mitigate the problems identified is, in fact, the reason of the delay of the marketing of the Golf 8.

Volkswagen has recently stated that these problems, which have now been resolved, are now a “challenge” for the ID3. Yes, because if the control software is very similar, the platform used is completely different. Golf 8, in fact, is based on an evolution of the architecture, electro-electronic, CAN-FD, while the ID3 on the unusual architecture E3, that among the many advantages, stands out for the increased speed of the connection of stutti systems, electronic platform. This means having to correct again zero problems.

And is not, in fact, Volkswagen has had to adopt a strategy unusual in order not to delay the marketing of the ID3, fixed and confirmed by the company for the summer of 2020, which produce the cars without installing the software on the assembly line, requiring then a manual intervention extra workforce to intervene when the software will be ready.

A choice that will cost extra money to the German house, but that is appreciable to have not simply decided to move the date of the marketing of the compact electric. The software of a car is now a very complex topic, suffice it to say that the lines of code that handle the car (ID3) are more than 100 million. A boeing 787 has about 14 million and a F-22 Raptor about 24 million.

Up until ten years ago the lines of code on a high-end car technology were one-tenth of the current ones, and in general the complexity of the electronic and information technology for the running of vehicles is increasing exponentially, and then what happens is normal.
Volkswagen has already put the hands ahead, entrusting Golf course 8 development of control software for an expertise that is different from the internal to the company, founding a new subsidiary dedicated to the Car.Software, which by 2025 will count on a work force of 10,000 experts.