Ferrari 512 BB: at the auction an example with only 820 km

Take home a Ferrari 512 BB 1981, almost KM0? It seems impossible but, for one lucky, will be an achievable dream, given that, the next five-February, the auction house RM Sotheby’s will auction one in Paris. Specifically, the car in question is a specimen with only 820 km in real assets , and then, with high probability, the 512 BB with less kilometres remained in the circulation.

The history of this car began in may 1981 when it is delivered to a collector of sports cars in texas. At the time, the car was purchased with 400 km of marked in the invoice, of which 312 were paths during the approval tests the EPA.

For the following 33 years the car has seen very rarely on the asfaltor, while staying (mostly) in the exposure among the other custom-built cars of the wealthy owner, so much so that, on the panels of the doors, there are still some plastic caps, as when it was output by the establishments of the horse.

The second owner of the car, an englishman, has taken away from Texas in 2014 and, two years later, he was subjected to an extensive maintenance including replacement of the gearbox and clutch. For as much as you keep good aesthetics, remaining stationary for so long, even the car you harm in the mechanics.

The interior is still immaculate, with the pocket for the luggage that would seem to almost never have seen the light of the sun and, almost needless to say, the car is accompanied by all source documents, case included.

Find another copy of the 512 BB with so few miles is probably impossible, and the auction house has valued the car with a price of between 170,000 and 200,000 euros.

Now, to the future owner, that’schoose if they hold firm once again the 512 or if, alternatively, have fun with the V12 360 HP and 451nm of torque, taking it to 295 Km/h declared at the time from Maranello.

Photo Credits: RM Sotheby’s