Fiamm ecoFORCE. We are going to explain the universe of the batteries, Start&Stop

Modern cars have an incredible power requirements of many electronic systems which are provided. Just think about the Start&Stop, wanted to lower the fuel consumption and emissions in the stage of approval, the Brake Energy Regeneration, the gear shift indicators, to alternators and smart, at the exchange rate at the double clutch, to finish with the Steering by Wire and Braking by wire.

In order to support the perfect functioning, it is necessary to have a battery able to withstand and support this great work “energy”. For qthis reason, the cars that belong to the Micro-level HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) require batteries called AFB or AGM can withstand continuous and numerous start-ups and load and unload cycles.

The first are generally suited to cars with only the Start&Stop system, while the latter are essential for cars that combine this system also different devices designed to reduce fuel consumption.

But before moving on to the video that will allow us to understand how they made these batteries, how they are to be mounted, and what does one have to be careful in the purchase stage, let’s do a quick summary on the differences and distinguishing features of the two families, AFB and AGM.

In the meantime, what is the sigificato of these two acronyms? AFB stands for Advanced Flooded Battery, as AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Material. The first is an evolution of lead-acid batteries that we all know and are perfect for those cars that basically only fit the device Start&Stop thanks to its resistance to looping two times greater than that of conventional batteries Pb-Ca.

Eco FORCE AGM instead, compared to a traditional battery, it has a different recombination of the gases that are produced during the recharging phase. Or. In a battery graphic in the lead, with the free acid, the dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen produces gases that leak from the caps, and therefore decreases the electrolyte inside the battery. In AGM batteries instead, thanks to a special microporous separator that gives the name to the battery, impregnated with a certain quantity of electrolyte, the oxygen released from the positive plate can migrate up to the negative plate where it is fixed conbinandosi again with the hydrogen, and thus restoring the water that was dissociated. We are talking about a cycle electrolytic closed!

Finally, the prices: those of the batteries AFB depart from 155 € up to 221 euros (VAT excluded), while those of the AGM from 124 euro up to 298 € (VAT excluded).