Mustang-Ferrari: the car is Frankenstein, which is not expected to

To be honest, is a little bit of fear, especially to the fans of Ferrari. We speak – there are those who would say fortunately – only some of the rendering posted on Facebook by Abilemec Design in which two icons of the 80s are “united”. The drive Frankenstein of which I speak today is composed by the unmistakable Ferrari F40 and the Ford Mustang, two cars are as different as they are important in motor racing history of those years.

The basis on which it is based, this new car is the Ford Mustang but the roadways have been widened, theattitude has been ribassator, as it was lowered to the roof. The circles are the iconic mono nut F40, as well as therear wing and the color of the paint Racing Red.

The engine was moved, as the car made in Maranello, at the rear, but was chosen for reasons of space, to use the V8 5.2 the stars and stripes , to be honest, is a bit subdued compared to the V12 tricolor, the pride of the House of Maranello. To the engine were added to the two turbines and have been painted red with two heads, something that draws a bit misleading to the less-scafati.

The headlights, however, do not belong to any of the two cars and is derived from another model of Ford, or Thunderbird.

The mix between the two models, we leave it to your judgement and, even if they see forms, the square and daring was not a rare thing in those years, maybe this car has the dimensions a bit risky but as they say, for posterity the arduous judgment.