Naples, the clash between the metro trains. Five injured

Three trains of the line 1 of Naples metro have clashed just outside the station Piscinola. In the clash remained injured five people. The more severely wounded, however is not in danger of life, would be two machinists transferred to the hospital Cardarelli, respectively, for chest trauma and the other for cervical trauma.

Three passengers transported to the hospital for trauma, lumbo-sacral, for contusions of the lower limbs and trauma to the hand. Other passengers were treated on the spot and bruises and were rescued as a result of the shock by the doctors on the station to aid station.

According to a first reconstruction of the facts it would appear that has not been complied with the stop signal from the train that the depot was entering the binary 1 and collided with the convoy which was travelling on the same track to enter the station Piscinola. It was this train that was then hit with numerous passengers to board the party a little before from track 2 of the same station.

The incident, inform the Anm, has resulted in the suspension of the line 1, while the hardships you register on the service bus because of the numerous passengers that they have to resort to planning alternative routes.