Renault and Nissan are denying the rumors about the breaking of the Covenant

Renault and Nissan are denying the rumors, reported by the Financial Times, of a possible divorce: the Covenant, explain the two companies, it is not at risk of breakage. “The Alliance is the source of the competitiveness of Nissan – has explained to the house the japanese in a note published in the press -. Through the Alliance, with the aim of achieving sustainable, profitable growth, Nissan will continue to achieve positive results for all of the members of the companies involved”.

For his part, the president of Renault, Jean-Philippe Senard, said the belgian newspaper L’echo that the Alliance is “solid, robust, all less than a decrepit”. The markets have certainly responded in a positive way to the rumors on the cracks inside the Alliance, heightened after the escape of Carlos Ghosn Japan: the title of the house of the Lozenge in the day yesterday on the Stock exchange has touched the minimum value recorded in the last six years.

It went well worse to Nissan, the title of which the Tokyo Stock exchange fell to reach the lowest value recorded in the last eight and a half years. Your Nissan was at the center of rumors reported by the Financial Times, who wanted the house the japanese intent to prepare plans for the separation from Renault, which included also the inevitable changes in the board of directors of the brand.

They would not be in every case a divorce easy, because Renault owns 43% of the shares in Nissan, while nissan has in his possession 15% of the shares of the Lozenge. It is true, however, that, after the arrest of Carlos Ghosn in Japan in November 2018, the financial situation of the two houses has decreased hand in hand with the deterioration of relations between the two realities.

One of the nodes is more complex, explain sources close to the story to Reuters, is the division of a matching of the costs of research and development: the engineers at Nissan would have a productivity of 40% higher than their colleagues at Renault, and Nissan would have required an in-depth analysis of the workloads of the technicians of the company and those of Renault, to highlight the disparity. To complicate the situation even think of the search for the CEO of Renault, with Luca De Meo seemingly in pole position for the office held at the time the interim by Clotilde Delbos.

Carlos Ghosn, for his part, after the press conference in Lebanon has spoken with the press, providing for other explosive statements. In an interview granted to the French newspaper Le Figaro, the former number one of the Alliance Renault-Nissan rivendica the right to a pension. “Claim my social security rights: my exit from Renault is a farce,” he thundered Ghosn. “Everyone knows the conditions in which I am separate from Renault: I ended up in jail! That I know of, however, in France there is a law and justice”. Ghosn is ready to apply to the court of Boulogne-Billancourt a bonus of 250,000 euros.