The Bar of the Dakar 2020. Privatoni and Genes. New and Diabolical

Wadi Al Dawasir, Saudi Arabia-January 13, 2020. It is true, the Bar today, should star closed. Find a corner of peace to talk about the day after the death of a Pilot is a little to close one’s eyes to the tragedy, but there is also beauty and peace the day after to Wadi Al Dawasir. The Dakar has remained tremendously shaken by the fatal accident to Paulo Gonçalves, and the organizers have done well, beyond the opportunity to logistics, to cancel the next Leg of the race Bikes. A tragic accident like the one that occurred in Gonçalves was not the case from 2015. You can not forget, but you can not fool yourself by hoping that the positive series lasts to infinity. Steps to limit the risks have been made many times, but will never be enough.

The bikers were in the camp of Wadi Al Dawasir and have further reinforced the welding of a large family of Dakariani. A lot of introspection, sadness, but also big hugs and stories, anecdotes and emotion, with some smile to the beauty of the memories. Someone has not opened your mouth for the whole day, others have told you, especially Paulo.

The Bikers are left alone, alone and states in proximity to the Pilot disappeared, collective homage to the Pilot, his friend, his team-mate disappeared. Motorists, almost in a sign of respect, celebrated the solidarity, sending the scene for a big Stage of the Dakar. Almost unprecedented in the result, Serradori, Alonso, Newfoundland, strong in the citation of one of the driving historians of the Rally, the victory of a Private in the first Stage of the Drive was missing, I think, by 32 years, and is proactive in the revelation of Fernando Alonso.

Marmiroli and Montebelli

The risultatone a “privatone” I’m always in mind of the exploits of Max Marmiroli and Massimo Montebelli to Dakar, 1993. The stuff of goosebumps. It was the Dakar, the poorest of the story, just 153 starters, of which 46 Bike, and it was the last at the head of which there was Gilbert Sabine, the father of Thierry. The result was obvious, Peterhansel was on its way to conquer the third consecutive victory, the Orioles was to debut, episodic, then, on a Mercedes 600 TE prototype Pelanconi, beautiful, but then not very lucky, a handful, a bit polemical of the Pilots lost on the way to Tamanrasset and tried to rejoin the caravan in Adrar, Arcarons had won five of the Special succession but would have taken at that time also to “Peter”.

Montebelli was racing with a Yamaha, but in the end it was, or the “corrected” him, Marmiroli brought him a dowry of a Gilera runner recovered from the Nazarene Falappi with the intention to continue to write the history of the sport Brand that was about to close. It was, in practice, a Silhouette of the original 1991, revised and equipped with the engine strictly serial RC600.

It was the 11th Stage, the ring Atar-Atar of 270 km, 220 of which a Special Test. As often happens, the rings do not leading anywhere and are of navigation exercises, won Maximum Marmiroli, just a few seconds ahead of Massimo Montebelli. The records set in the fall of Peterhansel, the reason for the exit from the schemes, in reality the reason was quite different. Montebelli and Marmiroli co-signed a true masterpiece, not only centering the navigation perfect, but also being able to “disappear” from the radar of the trackers. It was not a victory of the individual, the Privatoni were two, Aims to set the route and Marmiroli won by virtue of the order of departure. Epilogue glorious, Montebelli closed the Dakar rally in eighth place, Marmiroli tenth. Arcarons won two events, winning a total of more than half of those races, Peterhansel, the Rally.

David Castera

David Castera

The good and the “bad guys.”

The big news today, times, and dates, is the second place for Fernando Alonso and Marc Coma. A real one, in short, that overlaps with an unquestionable. Both of you put in the game, and apart from the appearance of the media of the story, they have enough to lose to pass at least a summer to get laughed at. Finally the bet is won, and you can also dissolve the last reserves on the competitiveness of the bi-Champion of the Formula 1 World.

Similarly, you can’t think of a Marc Coma, the Navigator of the second level in a machine that “threatens” to win. Therefore, the One guide is also very strong over the kerbs of the track, in this case virtually “to infinity and beyond”, and the Other can boast of the belief of the highest level and the only one half of the genius that went to work, assuming the other half is dedicated to the control of the guide, to win it all and 5 Dakar.

Also in this case some of the circumstances proved to be favorable to the exploit, but you have to remember, and emphasize, that there is nearly always a factor, a wind that is blowing in the right direction. The episodes in which a Pilot has unleashed a hell putting in the meat grinder, the opponents are not so many, in the history of the Dakar, as it seems. Most of the times, in fact, the victory comes at a price and quality for global control. Riders magistrates have seen a few times, and most of the times, because you “provoked”. It is the case of Peterhansel, of Meoni, Al Attiyah, Vatanen, De Rooy, the same Coma in certain… cases. Magistrates, but only rarely “bad”.

Mathieu Serradori e Fabuian Lurquin

Mathieu Serradori and Fabuian Lurquin

Loeb and Alonso

Therefore, Alonso’s second place-Coma promotes duo to full marks, and, as was the case for Sébastien Loeb, kindles the interest authentic for a Crew…true. Indeed, of the key characters. I dare say a combination of the devil.

Apart from the result, there is an aspect of the question that is particularly interesting. Often at the Dakar, you arrive to the streets, unusual. In the case of the “star”, to pull in by marketing operations but not so close to the”argument” to be fascinated. In these cases, it may happen that the “big” you feel uncomfortable, that is not able to adapt, refusing to even become accustomed to. Are the star from a hit and on you’ll see never more.

The case of Alonso is quite defined. A Dakar. Then you just have to. There is still an outstanding bill with Indianapolis, and the expectation of a regulation of Formula 1 that can do to change my mind. However, there is also the great smile of today, the spontaneous and apparently uncontrollable.

Moral. Also, Loeb arrived at the Dakar, slowly, as a tourist, from the observer, and finally as the Pilot of the Dream Team. Once just to try, ” he said. Not if there is more left, and when Peugeot closed the project, Seb has taken a 3008 DKR and returned to private!

And Alonso, who will?

Now will try to win a Stage, that’s for sure. If you were to do it I bet he does not reggerete more. If, instead, fail to win in this edition, well, here’s a good reason to come back to wash the shame!

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Alonso e Coma

Alonso and Coma