Alfa Romeo and the street art in Milan

Don’t be fooled by the title, we’re not talking about graffiti that often (and unfortunately), many of the vandals enjoy doing illegally on the walls of houses on public transport. The street art is a real art , and in recent years the metropolis devote time and space on purpose to allow free expression to these artists that enliven and brighten the city. Alfa Romeo has decided to surprise fans and revolutionize the world of advertising and has given rise to a huge mural in Milan, in Corso Garibaldi.

Street Alpha

The project is called “art reveals itself in the most unexpected places” and was born from the collaboration with Urban Vision, a pioneer and promoter in Italy of this trend. The mural, created in a zone of Milan full of street art, has been made by the artists of the association in turin “the Circle and the Drops”. As you can see from the image on the cover, the mural occupies the entire face of the building: the base is the mythical Alfa red and in plain sight there is the logo of the House of the biscione, created with the technique of anamorphosis, a three-dimensional effect that follows the gaze in each point of observation. What do you think? If you are in and around Milan or you happen to visit in the capital of lombardy, it might be a curious step to go to see.