That’s why the particulate emissions of Euro 6 diesel (but also Euro 4 and 5) are irrelevant

A diagram published by EEA (European Environment Agency) shows the sources of particulate matter (in two forms, PM10 and PM 2.5) in the 28 member Countries of the EU.

Is the studio official reference when it comes to pollution. In the table are indicated the different sources, calculated as an annual average.

Therefore, in the current situation, while it is certain that the source “road Traffic” is equal to or less than the influence it has in the summer months, it is equally certain that, throughout Europe, in the winter months, the factor “private Residences” , that is what comprises the home heating, is double the annual average.

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If you are pausing to assess the contribution named “Traffic” , in fact, you will see how it is worth the 10-11% of the total (if the total was constant throughout the year). But certainly in winter, this percentage decreases because the salt that is due to domestic heating.

It also includes all types of road transport (freight, buses, cars, petrol and diesel, motorbike and moped) to all the categories present in the fleet.

If we wanted to indicate in this fraction , the contribution of diesel Euro 6 (but also Euro 4 and Euro 5) we do not could, because they are dimensions absolutely insignificant compared to the rest.

It should be added that if the administrators have used the limits of the type approval to demonstrate the contribution of diesel to the production of the particulate matter, have shown their lack of familiarity with the laboratories: today, the FAP reduces practically to zero the emission of particulate matter (weight and number), to the point that the problem no longer exists (if not in the mind of some of the environmental taliban).