Blocks Diesel, the paradox: the car brigade could not circular

The Diesel can not move, but to check the respect of the block, there are police on board… Diesel car. And not only Euro 6, the latest fad, there are also more older Euro 4 and 5.

And The Messenger of today, regarding Rome, has recently blocked even the Euro 6, it seems until tomorrow, but it happens a little bit everywhere because, recite all of the ordinances, the drive of the forces of law and order and, more generally, those of the public service are obviously exempted.

“The car park at the disposal of the helmets in the white capitoline is composed of passenger cars almost exclusively diesel: it was the old Peugeot 208 is now disused, are the new Panda have in part been replaced – because they are considered uncomfortable and not suitable to all services as approved only for four people – from the very latest Fiat Type 1.3 Multijet, with the most advanced performance.

Are the vans, the Ducato is usually used by the patrols accidents for the relief of road accidents or in cases where it is necessary to have a mobile workstation in which to carry out administrative practices, and will be, even the bus that the Municipality is purchasing for the musical band of the“pizzardoni”. Only for some managers, officials and councillors in the Capitol has taken electric vehicles. The last of the 500 diesel vehicles have been delivered to the Municipal last may,” reads in the newspaper of the roman.