Fines unjust: here is the “appeal of do-it-yourself

The dream of every motorist who is believed to be persecuted by fines unjust is about to come true: to appeal against traffic fines without having to go for strength protection, legal counsel, with the obvious increase in costs.

Now just a series of steps in the network, in just a few clicks to activate the procedures of appeal: all thanks to the portal, which has launched in Italy the first automated system that allows you to create a “Use Do-it-Yourself.

Via computer or smartphone, users will be able to contest fines deemed unjust: just log in to the portal in the section “appeals do it yourself” and click on the “create your appeal” to have access to the automated system, upon registration of an account and the deposit of 9 euros as a subscription.

Appeals are possible for violations related to the prohibition of parking, red light, ZTL, preferential lane, speed cameras, and at the time, the system sends the complaints only to the Prefect, but it may appeal to the Court of justice of the Peace. the platform is accessible from your computer or from your smartphone, with just a few steps allows the user to protect against fines deemed to be illegal or unjust, both with the new method than with the classic one, availing of the assistance of a team of professionals.