Genesis GV80, here’s the first SUV of the brand

Genesis, luxury brand group, Hyundai, presented in Seoul, the GV80, the first SUV of the brand. Born from the same architecture as the sedan G90, with which it also shares some of the aesthetic details. On GV80 meet some of the stylistic elements of Genesis, such as the radiator grille Crest Grille, signature light Quad Lamps, arranged on two levels, and the decorative motif in the G-Matrix, taken both outside and inside the car.

Inside the Genesis GV80 are two generous screens 14.5″, one for the infotainment system and the other for the sub-commands. On the center console, instead, is the command for the automatic transmission; the navigation, however, uses augmented reality to superimpose images in the direction that the driver should take. Among the services of the infotainment system there is also Genesis CarPay, for the payment of parking and supplies.

For the comfort of passengers on board the Genesis GV80 was instead developed a technology to make the cabin more sound-proofed room: Road Active Noise Control is able to produce sound waves which are contrary to those that disturb the inside of the SUV, annullandole. The seat of the driver, instead, is equipped with air cushions in order to contain the fatigue in the case in which the path to be addressed is long.

At the moment, the Genesis GV80 is proposed in combination with a single engine: it is a six-cylinder diesel engine capable of developing up to 278 HP of power and 600 Nm of maximum torque. In the future it is foreseen the introduction in a range of options-gasoline, especially in view of the launch of the model in the USA. The SUV will be sold with rear-wheel drive or full: in the second case, the GV80 is equipped with a limited-slip rear differential.

Between the ADAS report is the Smart Cruise Control, which, thanks to Machine Learning, is able to reproduce the driving style of the owner if it is actuated, power-assisted steering. The Highway Driving Assist II, instead, is capable of handling the lane changes and the insertion in the roadway with the use of direction indicators. Ten are the drivers present on the Genesis GV80, one of which is positioned to prevent the occupants of the vehicle impact against the center console.