The car sees around the corner

INFORMATION IN the CLOUD – It’s called Local Hazard Information (LHI), and technology is warning of the dangers in real-time, which will make its debut, first in America and later in Europe, the compact crossover Ford Pumasoon to be out on the market. The system LHI, taking advantage of the sensors present on the car, that monitor the operation of elements such as emergency braking, fog lamps, traction control system (to detect the weather conditions or road adverse) and the eventual opening of the airbag, processes the data, sending, via the integrated modem, cloud Car2Car (a practice run Here), which in turn forwards it to the other cars in the vicinity.

VARIOUS BRANDS – This information is related to situations of danger, which can be detected by a car above, are then sent to the others that follow it (not only to Ford but also to the brands who use the platform Here, such as Audi, Volkswagen and BMW), that they receive through real-time alerts on the display. The reports pertain only to situations that may affect safety, such as accidents, hail, sudden showers, landslides or traffic jams.

It WILL be WIDESPREAD – it Is a system that, unlike similar ones that were used in the past where it was the same driver that was meant to signal the dangers, it works only in automatic mode. Ford has planned to introduce the service to Local Hazard Information, the effectiveness of which depends on the number of cars connected to the network, on over 80% of the range by the end of this year.