FCA-PSA, the New logos of the brands in the group: to Peugeot the lion’s head

With the beginning of the true new large group FCA-PSA, a little more than a year, the first brand to change their logo will be Peugeot. Not that you have to do it all, but, if for many the Peugeot is a brand that “commands in the Group-pe” and so gives us so much…. In each case, that the lion also derived from the origins of the geographical of the ancient family (Franche-Comté) what a little exaggerated, for over two years we do see for the whole shiny, large size, each Salon or important event, it does not come in the extended group with the FCA.

It does not even reach the whole of its bicentennial in the year 2050, he who at the beginning expressed with the body, the strong qualities of the products Peugeot (not cars, at the time, but always of “irons” it was). In the meantime, he passes the finish line, put on board of cars and scooters of almost every kind: it is a great thing.

Of that ancient and already several times changed the logo, with the animal symbol also of many other things, will apparently only the mane is stylized and, looking to the left, with a simulation of the roar.

A basis for this, only the lion’s head in a very modern style, and dual (active / dormant and on display) as we can see on the beautiful and-Legend, but already used to symbolize the French House in the roaring Sixties and early Seventies.

The first model to use it, it should be the new Peugeot 308 arrives in the spring of 2021.