Formula And removed the veils to the Gen2 EVO for the season 2020/2021

For the single-seaters of Formula And second generation it is time to start the look for the season 2020/2021 championship for 100% electric, there is a restyling of the cars, as well as was successful for the first generation. The Gen2 EVO presents a new front wing, a rear wing curved, and also adopts a bonnet shark fin. As for the Gen2, the Gen2 Evo will be presented physically in the occasion of the Geneva motor show in march.

The changes to the front wing and the decision to find out the wheels are the fruit of a desire to reduce the contacts in the race. The cars of the present, developed by Spark Racing Technologies, are quite robust and, in the end they encourage accidents in motor racing: the consequences of a crash, in fact, are so small as to allow very often to the pilots to continue the race. The attempt to solve the problem with a system of penalty more harsh it is not going to end well, and for this reason it was decided to modify the cars. The cars have batteries developed by McLaren Applied Technlologies and Michelin tires 18″.

“The Gen2 is already noted as one of the single most impressive views of the track, and, as its name suggests, the Gen 2 EVO is a further evolution of this unique design. As well as success for the car of the first generation, the Gen2 EVO sees changes to the bodywork to make it more streamlined and agile. Its futuristic design, shows once again how the Formula And the category of innovation in terms of technological advancement that from the aesthetic point of view,” explains the founder of Formula E, Alejandro Agag.