Google Maps celebrates 15 years

DIRECTIONS EASYGoogle Maps was founded in 2005 and, since then, has progressively changed the way to find destinations and information on points of interest. Google Maps was born as an internet site map can calculate the roads and pathways to move more easily from point a To point B. it Had an interface that is streamlined and intuitive, with functions which are continuously updated.

ALWAYS up-to-DATE – Already in December 2005, she debuted with the feature Trip Planner of Google Maps, launched in the u.s. city of Portland, with which commuters could see the schedules of public transportation and their route. In February 2007 came the indications on the presence of traffic along a road and may saw the premiere of Street View, which gave the possibility to visualize the streets in 3-dimensions. In November 2007, it was released the smartphone app, which in that period were beginning to spread: first for Blackberry devices, and Palm, the next year for those Android and from 2012 for the iPhone.

Google Maps in 2005 (screen above) and in 2020 (above).

BECOMES A NAVIGATOR – In 2009, one of the most important innovations is the introduction of the navigation function turn-by-turn directions, capable of giving voice directions and visual, real-time, to reach the set route. It is thanks to this feature, the app becomes an indispensable tool for millions of motorists all over the world, making obsolete the classic boaters style TomTom. In 2014 we added new information on the commercial activities present in the maps, such as the opening times of the reviews of the previous customers and the prices, while by November 2015, it was possible to download the maps in the memory of the mobile phone, so you can still use Google Maps even without an internet connection.

NEW GRAPHICS – The latest update of Google Maps is of days past, when I changed the icon and the graphics of the app: now all the features are grouped in the menu Browse, Change, Save, Contribute, and Updates.