Devices antiabbandono: how it works Babybeep

The entry into force of the so-called “the Law save the children” (n.117 in October 2018) has made it mandatory the anti-abandonment for the child seats car children under the age of 4 years; starting from the 6th of march 2020, will also be active the penalties for violators, including a fine 81 to 326 euros and the loss of 5 points from the driving licence (in the case of recurrence in the following two years, the offenders will be suspended the driving license from 15 days to two months).

With the entry into force of the law, the manufacturers of child seats had to prepare compliant devices, which include the obligation to install an alarm device that signals the presence of a child inside a vehicle parked at the end to prevent the abandonment. In addition to the seats, in the strict sense the market, there are also devices that can be installed “after market”.

Fall into this category, Babybeep, an anti abandonment realized by a company from bari, with roots in Israel, consisting of a bearing that is universal in place on the seat of any car seat (it is powered by two batteries aaa or AAA), which communicates via Bluetooth with the smartphone of the parent (it is possible to combine more than one device) through the application babybeep.

In the moment in which the child is placed on the seat, the device emits a beep and on the application appears the notification “The child is on board.” Babybeep triggers thealarm if the driver does not take vision of the alert notification that arrives on the mobile phone when away from the car without the child, experiencing at least 3 emergency contacts (indicated in the configuration phase) with a text message that contains the coordinates of the car. It also works even if the driver has not himself mobile phone, thanks to an acoustic signal, emitted by the device, during the journey that reminds him of the presence of the child in the car.

If for any reason you break the bluetooth connection between the device and the phone or if the smartphone is turned off or not present on board the car, the system activates the alarm procedure by means of an alert sound every 10 seconds, a reminder of the presence of the small on board. The recommended price to the public of Babybeep is 79,90 euros and will be distributed initially in Italy and then get the european and american markets.