Nissan is due to Ghosn: asked for compensation of 80 million euros

The war to blows of the carte bollate between Nissan and its former plenipotentiary Carlos Ghosn, accused of various offences, in respect of the company and for this escaped from Japan in Lebanon in a manner nothing short of incredible, it expands to another front.

If yesterday was Ghosn to have asked for 15 million compensation for unfair dismissal and damage to the image, now the nissan goes on the offensive asking Ghosn a compensation by approximately 82 million euro in compensation for “monetary damages inflicted to the company by the former president, after years of misconduct and fraudulent activity”.

According to the legal of Nissan, who have filed the request to the district court of Yokohama, Ghosn would be without having the faculty used the funds to fraudulent payments, used corporate jets and residential properties abroad without paying the rent, having transferred the sums to his sister and to his personal lawyer in Lebanon.

Nissan asks Ghosn also the costs related to internal investigations and legal fees and regulatory obligations incurred in Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and other territories, reserving the right to act legally with regard to the statements “baseless and defamatory” issued by Ghosn after his escape.