Placed the Motor Day: postini on the track at Vallelunga

Forget Claudio Bisio, that in the“Welcome to the South“ scorazza “moderately high“ for the cilento coast with a colleague on a scooter: those postini (and those scooters…) no longer exist.

Today, indeed, from the postman turned into a test rider for the day: everything happens at the circuit of Vallelunga, where a representative of the employees and drivers of Poste Italiane has been involved in a day of test drives and training for evaluating the performance of vehicles, thermal, hybrid and electric three and four wheel.

For a time as “pilots”, are boarded up models of the latest generation, selected according to criteria of environmental sustainability, safety and payload capacity, to carry out tests on the quality and on the dynamic characteristics of the vehicles, and then share ratings and reviews on handling, comfort, and adaptability at the service delivery for the “last mile” and for commercial use.

On the same day have been submitted by companies for the most recent news in the field of telematic technology , and computer technology to be installed on board of vehicles of service.

With 32.500 between vehicles, motomezzi, vans and service vehicles, Poste Italiane has the largest fleet of Italy and among the largest in Europe: the company, which is strongly committed to reducing its “ecological footprint”, has adopted to this end a “Policy of environmental sustainability“ in the automotive sector to play a game crucial in the improvement of the energy efficiency and, consequently, in the reduction of the impact on the environment.

Claudio Bisio ed Alessandro Siani in “Benvenuti al Sud“: uno stile che oggi non è più presente in Poste Italiane

Claudio Bisio and Alessandro Siani in “Welcome to the South“: a style that today is not more present in Poste Italiane

The attention to the protection of the environment and the ongoing transformation in the logistics related to e-commerce have led the company to revise the mix of vehicles that make up its fleet by 2022, the fleet will be renewed, replacing the vehicle active today with those of new generation propulsion electric, hybrid and endothermic at low emissions, with the aim of reaching a CO2 emission reduction of 40%.

To start this virtuous path, from next April, the fleet will comprise of 2,000 electric vehicles including tricycles, quadricycles and vans, which will replace the two-wheeled means of providing greater safety to the delivery workers and better load capacity.

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The new vehicles will be equipped with an autonomy that allows the postman to complete the round, and the daily delivery hours on a single charge and travel in total safety and stability thanks to the particular conformation of the vehicle.

In particular, among the commitments made by the chief executive officer Matteo Del Fante, opposite to the mayors of the Municipalities with less than five thousand inhabitants in the occasion of the meeting of 28 October in Rome, there is also to allocate 50% of the fleet green to service smaller centres.