Skiable Onlus, 2020: thanks to BMW Sauze d’oulx is always referenced

We’ve already talked about on these pages, of the project Skiable sponsored by BMW Italy. Of the ski school in a national point of reference and not only for those who, regardless of their condition, wants to try to push their limits and discovering to be able to ski and thrill together with companions, friends and family.

A sport, an activity, skiing, not common to all in 2020 in Italy. It is also a matter of trends and costs, for an activity that, however, if made with the heart and passion of the masters of the Sauze d’oulx Project can become possible, even for those who do not think. Thanks to a company that invests for the last twenty years in this kind of social campaigns, such as BMW, the unthinkable becomes possible and is a pleasure to be able to tell. Even if the story may not make the idea precise, one of the positive that are the masters of this school.

At the beginning, in 2003 were only four teachers, for a few tens of students. Today the team is well structured and made up of 25 professionals formats, accommodates seasonally over 250 students. Guys with any kind of disability that can, with the will and the help of experts, leave space to move safely on the slopes. Not all whizzing by as fast as Alex Zanardi, of course. The ex-pilot “runs” on his ski, thanks to a structure that has personally taken care of. He is an athlete, as an absolute example of how you can cancel of limits that, once exceeded, become of great smiles.

The beautiful phrases of the parents of some of these children, sometimes tears tears, they understand better than the other as this “work”, which in reality is a beautiful work, what they do on the ski slopes of Sauze, is not something “far away”. Because you tap it easily and it is understood that it is instead something that takes you very far.

Do not talk about engines and cars, even things only virtual, however. Here, if you like the mountains, it is to live with human relationships, intense and daily life is made of small steps: they are not as sporting achievements are extraordinary Zanardi or rider Malagoli (both testimonial active on the slopes) but they are worth the same trophies.

Large numbers, projects and incessant

In the past 17 years are over 13,000 hours lesson free of charge (this is an element that is fixed and guaranteed provided by the Pyrenees. About 1.370 students with disabilities have started skiing thanks to the project, among them also the athlete the paralympic bowl Carlotta Visconti. For all, behind a wind jacket with the logo of BMW, is a friend as well as a prepared master, a person who rejoices in seeing the guys compete in a sport seemingly impossible, for them, proving themselves to go beyond those limits, apparently, insurmountable.

The project in the Pyrenees is part of the more extensive program of Corporate Social Responsibility in the BMW, called Especially. A container and a positive and proactive culture, social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, and road safety. There are many activities that demonstrate how the embedment into the corporate culture, of the Italian subsidiary and of the Group, both present and constant for a long time. In almost twenty years, Especially, involved a million people through initiatives in online and on-land.

“The desire to act in a responsible manner, with a positive impact on society, through the return to the community a part of its success, and is reected in the numerous social responsibility initiatives of the program Especially – explains Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and ceo of BMW Italy – The results demonstrate that for the company this area is a priority: this is a long-term commitment.”

The initiatives, much extended beyond the Pyrenees, involving the employees and manager, friends of the brand and the network of Dealerships. One of the extraordinary stories is that of Charlotte Visconti is present in the Pyrenees and the protagonist of the boccia paralympic national team. A project born from the dream of Tokyo 2020, from zero, but which can now count on more than 150 athletes in Italy.


Since the beginning of the activity in the Pyrenees in 2003, Alex Zanardi did not want to miss his support. Pilot, paralympic champion and ironman, but especially a man that exceeds its limits. He prepares for the Paralympics in Tokyo , even skiing with the teachers and students of Sauze d’oulx. On the track, in all senses, and also Emiliano Malagoli, which runs on a BMW S 1000 RR and following the association Of.Of. Disabled, which promotes the driving school that brings back in the saddle dozens of young people with disabilities.

At the event of presentation of the activities of Skiable 2020, also the chef at the starry Gianfranco Pascucci, who takes care of the dishes of the group in the occasion and the bassist Saturnino Celani.

“The School of Sauze d’oulx – said Zanardi, brand ambassador and pilot BMW – it is a magical place where extraordinary things. Kids who learn to ski with the fantastic teachers of the school, they learn a lesson of life: what counts is to work on the talent remaining, you cannot stop, thinking that their limits constitute an impenetrable wall. Here in Sauze, learning to ski, they find out they have hidden potential that can lead you to do things initially unthinkable. And from here, their life starts again with different emphases. I would like to mention that Carlotta Visconti, began right here in Sauze, and a path that led to the degree and to try becoming an athlete paralympic. Sauze dreams become reality, because they are born from the teamwork and energy of this unique place.”

Following Zanardi, in all the senses for the opportunity, Emiliano Malagoli: “Happy to participate for the fourth time Skiing. The ability to get back on the snowboard, I was by the teachers of the school, with a double value. Not only I was able to recover a passion, but I gained the conviction and tenacity that have allowed me in the path, a sporting and a human to overcome obstacles apparently insurmountable. New and more challenging targets. Without fear.”

Sauze = School

The Ski School of the piedmont offers specific courses of many types. The students, who range from all ages and backgrounds (from about 4 years of age, coming also from abroad) have about 50 different disabilitiesthat can be grouped in macro areas: Physical and motor (e.g. spinal injuries, amputees, arm drive, cerebral palsy, etc.); Sensory (blind, visually impaired, deaf); Mental relational (the higher percentage, with Down syndrome, autism, genetic syndromes, etc…).

Among the activities of the school, even the Special Olympic with the section of the Ski Club Sportinia: for the preparation to the competitions of the athletes.

SCHOOLS. Already 15 schools have been able to relate to and participate in the project, with many students. An increasing number, as well as requests: demonstrates sensitivity and attention towards sports activities as an educational tool. For young children, experiences such as this are fundamental from the point of view of the physical, social and psychological.

EQUIPMENT. There are currently 10 aids between mono-skiing, bi-skiing, tandem skiing and, this year, the “Go to ski”. A double ski with handlebars which allows skiing in the foot. Are the tools suitable for each type of disability and age. Then there are the megaphone and helmets with headsets for the visually impaired. New 2020/2021 is the “kart ski” to give more customization on the ability of the student.

“The staff of the School Sauze d’oulx Project, ” said Alberto Bergoin, director – is full of professional figures and competences, working in a perspective of integration, are made available to our students. We have four trainers in teaching people with disabilities – accredited by the College of Ski Instructors in the Piedmont-teachers with the transversal competences: a psychologist, a psychotherapist, has a degree in Sciences of Education, university-SUISM and physiotherapists and/or osteopaths. David, Gros, one of the masters, is the coach of the National Team for Paralympic Alpine Skiing”.

The training of the teachers is continuous and more specific, not only for the technical aids used on the snow: 10 teachers have completed a course for therapists, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) method effective with people with autism.