The new Lunar Rover: the automakers in support of the Nasa

The Nasa is preparing for future lunar missions: the goal of the program “Artemis” is to explore again the lunar soil to make a another big step for the scientific research. To allow the astronauts to move more quickly on the Moon, the famous american Agency is developing a new Lunar Rover (the first “model” was used in the Apollo missions 15, 16 and 17 in the early ’70s).

The new generation of Lunar Rover

As you can imagine, the Lunar Rover must be safe and reliable and, as he has exhibited the vice of Nasa, Steve Clarke: “We are turning to the automotive industry to have exciting approaches, and to exploit the existing systems here on Earth, including contrast media, the military vehicles or recreational, that could be modified for use in space to improve our architecture for mobility”. Of course, in the world of car does not exist a means of minimally near the Lunar Rover, but the rich experience of car Brands, on the 4 wheels and on all systems that move, is unparalleled. The new Lunar Rover will be operational by 2024, and the timing imposed by Nasa are very rigid: we will discover in the next few months if you actually ask for some support to Home or if it will remain one of the many mysteries never revealed…