Al Capone: his Cadillac Sedan V8 armored is on sale

The cars that belonged to celebrities have always aroused in fans, a certain curiosity. Today we speak of a car that once belonged to the american gangster Al Capone, a Cadillac Town Sedan V8, 1928 that, with high probability, is among the first armored car of history or, anyway, one of the only ones that have survived the years.

The car, which had been put at auction for the first time in 2012 from RM Sotheby’s and wandering was coming to 341.000 dollars, now back on the market, in the United States, sold by Celebrity Cars Las Vegas at a price mind-boggling, one million dollars.

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The car is particularly significant from the historical point of view, since its history has been traced up to the year of purchase, you then have the certainty with regard to the fact that it actually belonged To al Capone , but above all, you know that the gangster has proposed various modifications to make it bullet-proof.

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The car has received radical changes to protect the occupants: they were installed vet res in length with thickness of 2.5 cm and steel panels to a weight of 1,400 pounds. Among the changes in the style of James Bond, there is the rear window that can be lowered to the shot, so as to enable the occupants of the rear seats of fire on the pursuers. Also the side windows have a similar solution and, in addition, they can be pulled on a few more inches above the closure so as to reveal a hole designed to insert the tip of a machine gun.

The sospensioni leaf have been stiffened in such a way to be able to cope with the additional weight of the armor and the V8 engine L-341-A 341 inch has been developed, reaching to 90 horses, a figure that is certainly not trivial for the time.

The car has been totally restored prior to the auction of 2012 , and repainted with the color combination of the era, which green exterior, and the roof and wheel arches painted in black, while the interior has been rifoderati. The odometer shows a mileage of sun 1.111 miles, a sign of the fact that it is almost been used over the years.

Certainly this car will be able to add an important piece to any collection of means of era.

Photo Credits: Celebrity Cars Las Vegas – RM Sotheby’s