An heir to the 914? The Porsche is thinking

THE PORSCHE ENTRY LEVEL – TO mid-60s, the Porsche wanted to expand its customer base with a model from the more affordable price. The result saw the light in 1969 and took the name of the Porsche 914. The model was created in collaboration with Volkswagen, which provided the engine 4-cylinder boxer engine 1.6 fitted in a central position, and it was a “targa”hard top removable long 4 meters. The design was essential, and perfectly in line with the tastes of the 70’s, thanks to the straight lines and squared shapes. The 914 was a success: the Karman he produced 118.978 until 1975, but had no direct heir, given that the Porsche more economic became the 924 motor front.

PERHAPS AN HEIR – and Now, 45 years after his exit from the scene, it seems that Stuttgart are considering a Porsche 914 with a modern twist. To confirm it is the responsible of the design of the German house, Michael Mauer (photo above), in an interview published on the internet for Porsche. “It would be the right thing to do,” says Mauer, who continues: “at Porsche, we have continuously discussions on how it should be Porsche’s entry-level, but there are different opinions”. The designer explains that his preferred option would be that a car essential, light, almost-free electronics, a kind of modern Porsche 550 Spyder. A second hypothesis, which is more favorable to the marketing, is a car more “mature” that points to rip off customers cars such as the Audi TT or Volkswagen Golf R. Which one wins? Only time will tell.