Ecobonus: an amendment to the Milleproroghe lowers the threshold to get it

You have to scrap a car that, per kilometer traveled, emits between 21 and 60 grams of CO2 and, as such, is not allowed, so far, access to the 2,500 euros of incentives provided by the manoeuvre 2020 , because the facility took between 21 and 70 grams?

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There is good news: an amendment to the decree “Milleproroghe” proposed by the Movement 5 Stars and approved yesterday, the Chamber has, in fact, amended the measure by lowering the maximum level to 60 grams.

Remain unchanged the conditions for obtaining the bonus from 1,500 euros if you have no vehicle to be scrapped.

“In this way he declared to the Ansa, a spokesman for the M5S – orientate the market, then both the producer and the consumer, towards the purchase of cars with less impact on the environment. We are proud to continue to work and get result important to give breath to our city and to promote the ecological reconversion of the fleet of vehicles circulating in our Country.”