Formula 1 2020: McLaren, removed the veils to the MCL35

Continue the presentations of the single-seater F1 2020: the McLaren has shown for the first time the MCL35, his car developed for the season 2020 of Formula 1. The MCL35 retains the same colour scheme of 2019, with the classic orange papaya scuderia Woking combined with accents in cobalt blue on the front wing, the bonnet, the bellies, the rear wing and the airbox. At first glance, you notice the muzzle thinner compared to last year; the technicians of the McLaren seem to have worked on the area of the bellies.

The MCL35 will still be equipped with an engine supplied by Renault: after the end of the troubled collaboration with Honda, McLaren has found more stability with the Diamond, even if the engine last year was a step back compared to the competition. In any case, the McLaren last year was off the satisfaction to precede the official team of Renault in the constructors. The aim for 2020 is to a prominent position among the team of the classification, as happened in 2019.

The MCL35 will be entrusted to the same pair, the holder of the last year, made by the talented Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. Both Sainz, class of 1994, Norris, 20 years old, have the second season in scuderia Woking. A duo-knit out of the cockpit as competitive on the track, which will bring the McLaren to the 2021, the year of great change: not only will there be a new technical regulation, but the McLaren will switch to performance engines for Mercedes.