From the Poste to the track: the postman try the vehicles green

DOWN EMISSIONS – the Italian post office, with approximately 32,500 between cars, motorcycles and vans, operates the largest fleet of Italy. Soon, however, thousands of these vehicles will be replaced, because within the next two years, the company wants a 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and has programmed the purchase of hybrid vehicles, electric or conventional engines with a low environmental impact (it will be 2,000 to April 2020). The change will be by the letter-carrier, and drivers of Poste Italiane, which will have to learn how to drive the new vehicles for reducing energy consumption, and therefore, the company has organised a learning day at the roman circuit of Vallelunga, where dozens of employees were put to the test with the test drive and training to the discovery of the new vehicles. At the end of the day, each door letters he shared assessments and reviews on handling, comfort, and adaptability at the service of the vehicles.