Hyundai and Canoo together for the electric car

The PLATFORM on A SKATEBOARD – as part of the expansion of its product portfolio to electric, the group Hyundai Motor announces that it has signed a partnership with the californian Canoo for the joint development of a platform modular “skateboard” (in the picture above) that will be used in the upcoming models from Hyundai and Kia. In the context of this collaboration, the Canoo, the company, which aims to develop electric vehicles offered on a subscription basis, will provide the engineering services for the development of the scalable platform (to the inside of the frame, composed of two spars, there are the batteries and other components, the drawing above), equipped with one or two electric motors, which will be used on models of small electric.

REDUCES THE COMPLEXITY – The group’s Hyundai, thanks to this agreement, may benefit from a significant reduction in development costs, while also reducing the complexity of the assembly lines. In addition, the simplicity of this platform to skateboard, can be exploited to create designs that merge form and function, peculiarities that can be exploited in the PVB, purpose-built vehicles built to meet the different needs of mobility, an area in which interests the group Hyundai Motor (at the recent CES showed a concept of PBV).

The vehicle presented by the Canoo and proposed to the customer with a monthly subscription.

GREAT INVESTMENT – This investment with the Canoo is part of the 87 billion dollars that the Korean group will invest in the next five years, 52 of which will be used by the trademark Hyundai to the implementation of new technologies, and 25 for the electrification of the range Kia and the development of mobility services. The Canoo is a company that is very promising that the September 24, 2019, just 19 months after the foundation, which took place in December 2017, has launched its first vehicle subscription (in the photo above and in photo gallery). The strength of the american company, which led the group Hyundai to invest, the architecture is proprietary skateboard that hosts directly to the batteries and the electric transmission.