Pininfarina Battista: begin on-road testing

The TEST – The Cars of Pininfarina, the company, with registered office in Germany belonging to the Group and Mahindra (other than the Pininfarina headquarters in Cambiano turin, which provides the Cars, Pininfarina’s design services and engineering), has announced the start of the on-road testing of its hypercar electric Pininfarina Battista credited with a power of up to 1900 HP. The program of technical development of the Baptist and is led by the Kidney Wollman, a former Mercedes-AMG, while at the wheel of the prototypes there is the ex-pilot of Formula 1, with a spent also in Formula, And Nick Heidfeld, the current test pilot and brand ambassador of luxury.

DELIVERIES BY the END of 2020 – In the course of the preceding months, the team has worked very hard in the wind tunnel on the aerodynamics of the Pininfarina Baptist, which is fundamental for a car that will exceed abundantly the 300 km/h, improving it and this treatment. In the coming months, engineers will continue the development of the program, testing the car in real road conditions. The test, which also provide for the active involvement of the customers who have booked car, which will participate in the side of Heidfeld, will end with the delivery of the first copies of the Baptist to the end of 2020 in Cambiano, turin. To give you an idea of the exclusivity of the project, the prototypes that are busy testing on asphalt, are not covered by the usual what’s your favorite debut, but from the sticker with a specific design that are reminiscent of electric traction, carried out directly by Luca Borgogno, responsible for the design of the project.

PERFORMANCE HYPERCAR – Technically, the Pininfarina Battista is a car with a very sophisticated, from the monocoque carbon fiber with panels of the same material, the choice to keep down the weight. The battery is 120 kWh, with liquid cooling system, is a “T-shape” and extends from the central tunnel to the rear (for better weight distribution), and feeds four electric motors made by the Croatian company Rimac. The performances are mind-boggling: 1.900 HP and 2,300 Nm of torque, able, according to the manufacturer, to make it go from 0 to 300 km/h in 12 seconds.
COAST 2 MILLION – The Pininfarina Battista should go into production at Pininfarina in Turin, in the course of 2020 with the mode of craftsmanship. It will be built only 150: 50 for the european market, 50 for that of the north american and 50 for the middle east. The exclusivity of this hypercar power obviously impacts on the price, which is equal to 2 million euros. It will be possible to order one through a restricted network of dealers that specialize in luxury cars and hypercar and the customers will have the ability to customize every single detail of the car.